Braathen Dendrokronologiska Undersökningar


Suntak in the eastern part of Västergötland is a sandstone church. Pieces of limestone can also be found in the walls. The chancel has an apse, and the nave has both north and south doorways. The west wall is not at right angles to the long walls, and the chancel has a slightly irregular shape. The narrow chancel-arch is preserved. Ornamental stone work is sparse.

An oak plank, hidden in the wall above the south entrance, is from the foundation period. The outermost annual ring is in heart-wood, dated to 1122. It is reasonable to believe that the felling year of the oak is only a few decades younger because the shape of the plank hints that only the sapwood rings have disappeared. If that is the case the felling year would be within 1135 - 1138.