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Södra Ving

Södra Ving, about 10 km north-west of Ulricehamn, is a cavity wall church with a square chancel. The south door-way has a protruding romanesque portal arch which apparently has been put into its present position after the south wall was erected.

The east gable of the nave is walled up to the ridge and contains two joists of pine, one of which was felled in the cold season 1133 - 1134 and dates the eastern part of the nave and the chancel. A short piece of timber from the original wall plate of oak supports that dating.

The east gable of the chancel contains a thick board of oak above a light aperture. It contains red coloured fragments and a few runic letters. The outermost annual ring in heart-wood is dated 992. About 60 mm of wood is estimated to have been hewn away if the tree which supplied the timber was cut when the church was erected. An iron-armed door is younger than the church. The outermost annual rings of the two boards of oak of the door are dated 1237 and 1257 respectively. They lack sapwood.

The nave had an extension to the west added to it in 1737.