Braathen Dendrokronologiska Undersökningar

Marum church

Marum, 8 km south-west of Skara is a sandstone church. It has a south door-way with a simple, round portal arch and a west portal with an undecorated tympanum (compare with Skalunda). The original square chancel was removed in the 1780-is, but its size is known by an excavation. The roof truss has crossed struts, similar to those at Gökhem, Mjäldrunga, Kinne-Vedum and Marka. Among loose objects two decorated eave-boards (compare with Forshem) and the font (See Hallbäck, Medeltida dopfuntar..) are considered to be from the building period of the church.

Dating of a bore-core from the north capping piece of the nave shows the year 1114 of the outermost annual ring in heart-wood. The corresponding year for the south capping piece is 1117. Remains from a strut, made of pine heart-wood, is dated 1105. The earliest possible felling year is 1126. From experience it is known that the size of the cross-section of the capping pieces in general is not fix but is due to the diameter of the tree-trunk. Therefore there is reason to presume that the felling year of the timbers of the capping pieces is within the period 1130 - 1140.