Braathen Dendrokronologiska Undersökningar


Kinne-Vedum is a freestone church with an apse and an ornamental portal arch. The wall plate capping pieces have a rectangular (the side, turning to the wall is not accessible and the shape is unknown) cross-section, width 17 cm and height 45 cm, which in the province are most unusual dimensions. Generally the roof construction of romanesque churches in south Sweden is made of oak (Quercus Robur) but at Kinne-Vedum the tie beams are made of pine (Pinus Silvestris). The lower sides of the beams are curved and bulge down. Four struts are crossed and are fixed to the tie beam by scarf joint. The original ridge purlin is preserved because it after some time was covered by a second set of oak shingles. The north wall plate capping piece of the nave is from an oak which was felled in the period 1186 - 1188.