Braathen Dendrokronologiska Undersökningar


Kestad parish church, about 20 km North of Skara, was erected in freestone. The walls do not have protruding ground plate work. The chancel was torn down in 1766, its shape is partly unknown. The present chancel was built in 1965. From a preceding excavation the archaeologists inferred that the old chancel might have had a squared east gable, so the new chancel was formed in the same way.

Borecores from the capping pieces of the nave date the early stone church. The South capping piece, oak, has 21 annual rings in sapwood. Where the borecore was taken there is no trace of egg tools, just the bark had been torn away. The oak from which the capping piece was formed, was felled in the winter season 1131 - 1132. It may be assumed that the church was inaugurated in the autumn 1132.