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Väte church, Gotland

Väte (Vol. III) gothic church about 20 km S of Visby. The chancel has three narrow windows facing east and capitals with plant-shaped ornaments in the south door-way. The nave is three-aisled with nine vaults which are supported by four columns. The gable field of the south portal has a relief of Christ on his throne. In the east capital there are sculptured scenes of figures and in the west capital are plant-shaped ornaments. Strewn in the south wall there are from an older church ashlars with relief-shaped figures. The embrace of the north portal has relief figures from the same older church. A planned belfry never was built and has been replaced by a bell-tower riding on the western part of the nave.

The original trusses are replaced and very few pieces of medieval wood remain. Wooden stumps in the gables of the chancel are dated. Sample no 25 from the east wall and sample no 19 from the west wall have waney edge and are dated 1253.