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S:t Nicolaus church, Visby

S:t Nicolaus church ruin (S.k. 169) is situated about 100 m SW of Norderport.

According to notes R. Engeström, antiquarian, has handed over to me 7 samples of wood, taken from the west gable of the church ruin S:t Nicolaus.

The samples are registered 'Visby 237 - 243' and probably were taken in connection with maintenance work on the ruin. It is not put in the notes exactly on what level they were taken, but they are taken from round shaped scaffolding poles with waney edge. The natural thought is that all the trees were felled in the same year, but they are not. The samples have a small number of annual rings, and only two samples were dated.

Sample no. 'Visby 240' is dated 1241 and sample no. 'Visby 241' is dated 1245. It is a remarkably big difference of time.