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S:t Göran church ruin, Visby

S:t Göran church ruin is situated more than 300 m north of Norderport.

The church consists of a nave with two aisles and a chancel. Archaeological investigations show that an earlier smaller chancel preceded the present chancel. Near to the church was in the middle age and onwards a leper hospital.

A sample from a scaffolding timber in the southern wall of the nave at the eastern skew back has the registration no. 'Visby 97'. The timber is cut on two opposite sides forming a plank. According to a note in a register of finds it probably has waney edge. That statement could not be ascertained at the investigation in the laboratory, but the shape of the curvature of the trunk is there. For that reason it is probable that the outermost measured annual ring really had very few missing rings up to bark including that there were no missing rings. 'Visby 97' was dated 1204 in its outermost annual ring.

From the northern wall of the chancel sample no. 'Visby 81' is taken. It lacks waney edge and is dated 1232. Sample no 'Visby 55' is taken from a round scaffolding pole in the south wall of the chancel and at the western side of the vault. It lacks waney edge but three annual rings are missing in one direction compared to the other. The outermost annual ring is dated 1239. We can assume that the pine was felled in 1240 or one of the nearest years thereafter.