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Skeppsbron 5, Visby

Skeppsbron 5 or 'Torsmanska Huset' is at the harbour close to the lane Tullhusgränd. There is a café in the house, and in the coffee-room there are elaborately made ceiling paintings. The south gable has a profile which reminds of the curved baroque gables from countries south of Scandinavia and tells that somebody, may be the first owner Camitz, got impressions from the continent.

Apparently a blue-print has been used aimed for a house which was designed to show its decorated gable to the street and the opposite gable to the back-yard, but old drawings show that the house had space and a garden all around.

The reason for dating the house was to obtain the oldest possible date when the ceiling paintings were made.

Six bore-cores were taken from the northern and middle part of the framework of the roof. Three of these bore-cores have waney edge and are dated 1735.

Torsmanska Huset as it is seen to-day. It is built on a model, taken from the continent. The model was designed to face one decorated gable to the street and the more simply designed gable to the back yard. From the beginning Torsmanska Huset was built in a spacious land plot. In the book, 'Visby förr i tiden' by Waldemar Falck, a drawing of the house is seen on page 28. There the garden is fringed by big foliage trees.