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Rone church, Gotland

Rone (Sv. K. 150) church about 55 km SSE of Visby has a squared chancel with three gothic windows in the east wall, a south door-way with plant-shaped ornaments in the capitals and a door richly ornamented with iron-work. The nave has four high vaults with a column in the centre and a south door-way ornamented in the capitals and a twin door with iron-work. The belfry has a north door-way with sculptured reliefs and a gallery stretching on three sides of the walls. It has seven floors from the ground floor to the crest of the walls. The vestry which probably is contemporary with the chancel has an outside entrance, the embrace of which is sculptured.

Samples of wood have been taken from four stumps of beams which are stuck to the south wall above the vault of the belfry. One of these (sample no 26) has waney edge and is dated 1313.