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Residenset 2A, Visby

The property is on the western side of Strandgatan about 100 m south of Donners Plats.

Seen from south in the yard the property seems to have a slightly complex history of building. Let us temporarily consider the property as consisting of three parts, one to the east, which is the house at the street with four storeys and with recesses in the gables. The angle of the roof ridge is about 60 degrees. In the staircase is an ornamented hand-rail (19th century?). The middle part is lower and is accessible from the yard like the western part. The entrance to the medieval basement is under the middle part. Ten joists in the ceiling point to the east-west direction.

Nine bore-cores have been taken and are dated. Four of these have waney edge and are dated according to the following: Samples no 'Visby 875' and 'Visby 881' are dated 1305 and samples no 'Visby 877' and 'Visby 882' are dated 1306.

In the outer wall of the same building is a stump of beam the outermost annual ring of which is dated 1307.

A bore-core from a collar beam in the attic of the eastern house has waney edge and is dated 1624.

It is not possible to find signs in the construction which connect the erection of the trusses with the erection of the upper part of the gable or showing that they are erected in different periods.