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Priorn 7, Visby

The property Priorn 7 is at S:t Drottensgatan 10, just across the plantation at the church ruin S:t Drotten.

The three-storeyed house has over the entrance door-way a squared stone slab decorated in relief with an inscription and a coat-of-arms.

Traces in the stone walls show that originally two houses were built which were separated by a passage to the small yard to the north-east.

No timber from the building period has been found. Already in the 14th century the two houses were built together into one unit with entrance to the house at the bridged over space. Bore-cores have been taken in the entrance hall in joists between the two houses. The timber lacks waney edge. The outermost annual ring is dated 1312.

In the southern house bore-cores have been taken in joists of the floor at the present ground level. One of the beams has waney edge and is dated 1366.

R. Engeström, antiquarian, has made an investigation into the history of the building. A report will be published. Until then please refer to the owners presentation of the house and its history at