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Novisen 5, Visby

Novisen 5 is in the corner Nunnegränd-S:t Lars Gränd, about 20 m north of Stora Torg (the square).
Across the street the ruin S:t Lars is situated.

Originally a store house with residence in the upper storeys was built. Some years later a very similar house in size was built with one wall in common. That spine wall is seen from outside and has about east-west direction.

Bore-cores have been taken in joists of the floor, accessible from the basement. They are all medieval. Two of them have waney edge and are dated 1248.

R. Engeström, antiquarian, has made a thorough investigation of the house. That investigation is aimed to be published. As support to the antiquarian analyzes of the house 112 samples from wood have been taken.