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Lauks in Lokrume, Gotland

On the farm Lauks, Lokrume parish, north-eastern Gotland, is a stone house, which at least during the last two centuries has been used as a store house, at a time as a poultry house. The house has since the nineteenth century by antiquarians been considered as a medieval building. It is not known for what purpose it was built.

The house has two floors with two rooms on each. The outer walls are made of limestone and carry a barrel vault. Each room has a doorway with an arched door frame in dressed stone. The rooms in the upper storey can only be reached by a ladder, but there has been an outside gallery resting on beams, fixed in the wall. The two rooms in the upper storey are separated by a plank wall of pine in stave construction.

Samples have been taken from that wall and date the house. Two timbers have waney edge where the outermost annual ring is dated 1364 and 1358 respectively. Because very few alterations have been made in the house since it was built it may together with the farm yard be of value for investigations in building archaeology.