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Lärbro, Gotland

The detached tower at Lärbro is situated about 15 m west of the church. Its outer area at the base is about 95 sq. m. The squared shape has a length of the side of about 9.7 m. The thickness of the walls at the base is about 2.3 m. There is only one recess in the walls and is the same as the 20 cm wide wall-head on which the beams of the third floor rest. In the walls are stairs from the second floor to the top. The steps are wider and more easy to walk on compared to what is usual in church towers. The original part of the tower has 5 storeys where the first and fifth storey have barrel vaults.

In 1522 the spire of the church was demolished in a gale. A sixth storey with sound openings was added to the tower of the yard which was converted to a belfry. That upper storey is intact with a wooden roof on top.

In the middle of the east wall are round arched door-ways to the first and second floors. The second storey is reached by outside wooden stairs. At Gammelgarn all the floor joists of the third and fifth storeys are pointed north-south, while the floor joists of the fourth storey are pointed east-west. The barrel vault in the ground storey is pointed east-west and the vault of the fifth storey is pointed north-south.

No timber has been dated from the building.