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Hablingbo church, Gotland

Hablingbo (Literature: E. Lagerlöf, De gotiska portalerna i Hablingbo. Konsthistoriska studier tillägnade Sten Karling. Stlm 1966. G. Redelius, Några gotländska kyrkoportaler. Från romanik till nygotik. Sveriges Kyrkor. Stlm 1991.), church about 42 km S of Visby. The chancel and the nave with sculptured south portal embraces are built in gothic style. The belfry bears traces from the romanesque period. The northern door-way of the nave is richly ornamented in romanesque style and one may assume that it originally belonged to an older nave. Only one sample (no 7) has been dated. It is taken from a stump of a scaffolding pole in the eastern wall of the chancel. The sample has waney edge, and is dated 1310.

If there are any medieval pieces of wood left in the belfry is not investigated.