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Gråbrodern, Visby

Gråbrodern 4 is at the eastern side of the corner S:t Hansgatan - Hästgatan.

Externally the house seems to be from the 20th century which also seems to be confirmed when reading the year 1911 in the vane which is on top of the roof.

Bore-cores in joists of the floor, accessible from the basement date the medieval body of the house. A sample with waney edge is dated 1269.

Gråbrodern 5, 'Rosas Café' is at S:t Hansgatan 22.

The lower storey is built in lime stone and has corner posts and some other characteristic profiles which reveal medieval age. All the timber from the erection period of the stone body has been removed. Local antiquarians presume that on the stone body there have been more storeys which after being torn down have been replaced by one storey, built in wood.

Bore-cores were taken in the head rafters of the trusses. Four rafters have waney edge and are dated 1667 in their outer annual ring.

In this part of the inner city a number of houses with a lower medieval body built of stone have an upper part built of wood.