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Gothem, Gotland

The ruined tower at Gothem is situated about 10 m west of the church. The eastern wall, part of the north-south pointed barrel vault and parts of the northern and southern walls are preserved. According to a drawing the tower was undamaged and had a wooden roof as late as 1801. In 1867 the western wall together with parts of the northern and southern walls collapsed. The tower had four storeys and a barrel vault on top. The squared base measured 6.1x6.1 m, and the walls had at the base a thickness of 2.0 m. Already about 1 m above the ground a 20 cm wide inner recess is in the walls, followed by wall-heads of 20 cm width at the levels of the second and the third floors. The floor joists of the fourth storey were tucked into the walls. One beam is still in position. In the eastern wall there are two arched door-ways, one to the south at ground level and one at the middle of the wall heading from the second storey. That door-way once had a draw-bridge from where one could unload goods. On each side above the door-way are narrow tunnels ending at the third storey from where the draw-bridge could be moved.

Half-rotten stumps of beams found among the nettles close to the tower could not be dated.