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Ganthem church, Gotland

Ganthem (Vol. IV) church about 20 km SE of Visby. The church has chancel with apse, nave with four vaults and column in the centre and belfry with one lower and one upper vault. J. Roosval (vol IV) describes medieval timber in the chancel and the nave. Since then all medieval timber has been replaced by fresh timber. The nave seems to have been erected at the same time as the belfry, part of which between the two vaults is dated by tie-beams and sill-beams over the lower vault. Sample no 3 from the eastern sill-beam has waney edge and is dated 1249. The outermost annual ring of the western sill-beam is dated 1250. At the place it was judged to have waney edge, but that cannot be proved by microscope. Those trees from which the sill-beams have been formed were cut in different years. It is only a wague guess that the older piece may have been used as scaffolding timber during a building face, but the dating of the sills show that the time lap of building has been more than one year.