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Dalhem church, Gotland

Dalhem (Vol. IV) church about 20 km SE of Visby is richly ornamented with stone sculpture, ironwork, stained glass and fittings of fine arts.

Medieval timber has not been found in the chancel and the nave, which seem to have been erected contemporaneously. The lower part of the belfry with gallery is dated by two pieces of timber with waney edge, sample no 18 is taken in floor joist no 2 from east above the lower vault, and sample no 16 is taken from the stump of a beam in the west wall in the store with wooden floor boards. Both pieces are dated 1301. The store room has been fitted later, sample no 12 from a plank in the east wall of the store has at one edge the shape of curvature of the trunk and is dated 1316 in its outermost annual ring. Sample no 15 from the plank close to the east wall has waney edge and is dated 1317.