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S:t Catarina 6, Visby

Just north of Klosterplan at S:t Hansgatan and on the eastern side of the vault over the street is the property Catarina 6.

Bore-cores have been taken from joists of the floor, accessible from the basement. Three of these joists have waney edge and are dated 1213 which is the oldest date received from the medieval store-houses.

S:a Catarina 6 at S:t Hansgatan. To the left in the picture is seen the oldest dated house in Visby. The pine trees, which were cut to become floor joists in the house, were felled in the winter season 1213 - 1214.







The dates received from Novisen 5, Valvet 3 and Catarina 6 are of course a selection of stochastic choice, but the result gives favour to the possibility that the erection of the stone built store-houses took place earlier up in the plane area near S:t Hansgatan than down near the harbour. At Strandgatan the stone built houses were preceded by wooden houses.