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Burmeister 4, Visby

Diagonally across the street from Gotlands Fornsal is a small half-timber house. It was moved to the present place in 1906 from the quarter Städet 1 at S:t Hansgatan. A loose piece of pine timber was bonded to a piece of oak timber and was found in the attic. Because of the shape of the timbers it was most probable that they have been part of the wall construction before the house was moved.

The outermost annual ring in the pine wood lacks waney edge and is dated 1539.

A sample was taken from a sill timber when it was replaced by a new piece of timber. The sample contains 204 annual rings and lacks waney edge. Its outermost annual ring is dated 1521. We can infer that the house was erected after 1539 and may have been erected by the middle of the 16th century.