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Apoteket 6 at Strandgatan, Visby

The basement of the house is mainly unchanged since the Middle Ages.

Medieval dated head rafters of the truss show that the house has been built up to the present height in one single building period and originally had the present angle of the roof.

The beams in the ceiling of the basement rest along the long walls on wall-head beams which are supported by stone braces protruding from the wall. In the middle line of the room the supporting beams are carried by two round stone columns.

On the lower side of the supporting beams are grooves to where upright planks once have been locked, forming a wooden wall. From the beginning the present floor of the basement has been level with the outer ground. That is also the case in most of the medieval buildings.

Two beams in the ceiling (floor joists of the upper storey) have waney edge and are dated 1278.